Contact Information

Squish LLC

Producers of Cascade Chalet
PO Box 13440 / Burton WA 98013
Tel 206-484-6543

Please give us a call or email if you have any questions at all. We're located on Vashon Island, near Seattle and are available by appointment.

Shipping Schedule / Costs

Buildings will require a full container commitment to order. Consult us for more information on this.

Custom container load production for large projects

We manufacture our wood structures and other architectural items in Asia. We're ideal for sending a complete container of mixed item, labor intensive, handcrafted teak woodwork direct to the worksite of large garden or resort projects, or for resale through a garden center. We can be very cost efficient in these cases.

Here's a cost guide:

  • The cost to ship a container load to your location is between $2500 (west coast) to $3500 (east coast). We can pack a lot of different items into the container for one flat shipping cost. We handle all paperwork and customs formalities.
  • Cost of the items you are ordering will vary depending on the final design, however plan on about $4000 for a 150 square foot hardwood cabin, $3000 for a pine cabin, $100-$250 for an antique bench, and $50-$250 for carved stone pieces. While our office is located near Seattle, our structures are built to order and shipped from our factory in Asia by container directly to your final setup location. A shipping container will hold several buildings or a mix of different items, with no increase in transportation cost.
  • Architects: We can work with your designs: Plan about $3500 per cubic meter (about $8.00 per board foot) for completed and stained Bengkirai hardwood structures. Add 20% for teak. Timberframe style mortise and tenon joinery and artistic carving is included.


  • Garden Buildings
  • Cabins for retreats and summer camps
  • Tea houses
  • Japanese Fences
  • Furniture / Garden Benches / Tables
  • Gazebos and Pergolas
  • Cabinetry
  • Prefab Decking
  • Theme Restaurant Interiors and furniture
  • Custom Doors, windows, and architectural details
We can also produce artistically carved stonework which can be mixed in the container as well.

Design Specifications

We prefer designs laid out to international standard, i.e. metric, all dimensions finished size, as opposed to USA dimensions that assume finished size is a half inch less than stated. There is no need to work around standard timber sizes since we will mill to order, however it will be more efficient if you keep the number of different lumber dimensions to a minimum.

If your plans are already in USA inch/foot format, We can convert your plans to metric. The small conversion error should be considered if your clearances are tight.